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T-Ella Creations offers competitive pricing for quality and affordable products and services. We create unique and innovative designs of all types for that special someone, event, and or, occasion (i.e. mom, dad, birthdays, weddings, etc.). We are best known for creating products and providing services that render words of encouragement, which can motivate and inspire people. Our Stock-Designs include Poetic Gestures, a collection of poetry with colorful graphic art on T-Shirts, Bookmarks, Pens, Poem-Prints, Notebook Kits, Mugs, and Hand-Fans. Colorful Sports Caps, Custom Frames, and Speciality Cards are also offered with this collection. We design and create T-Shirts, Specialty Cards, Poetry Cards, Poems, and Speeches, tailored to fit your needs! Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers with 100% satisfaction, as we take pride in everything that we do for you.  The book "Flirting With The Truth" written by Luella Thomas, is now available through our website.  

Our Services Include:

T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Specialty Cards, Poetry, Pens, Novelty items and more, all tailored to fit your needs!

 (weddings, bridal-showers, birthdays, funerals, graduations, retirements, church organizations, and more!)

CONTACT US AT: 1-269-277-2800 

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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