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T-Ella Creations was founded in 2009 by poet, author, and designer Luella Thomas.  The name T-Ella spawned from the fact, that many of her nieces and nephews could not pronounce her name correctly during their early child-hood years, and as a result they called her T-Ella, which was a short version for Auntie Luella.  The word Creations was inspired by many family-members and friends, as they believe that she was born with a creative-flair for entertainment and the literary arts.  After great thought and consideration, Ms. Thomas decided to share her artistic vision and creativity with the world, and she formed T-Ella Creations.

With a life-long desire to create her own collection of arts and crafts, she ventured outside of the box and is now honored to share with you Poetic Gestures,  her collection of poetry with colorful graphic art on T-Shirts, Plastic Custom Bookmarks, Poem-Prints, Pens, Notebook Kits, Plastic Custom Hand Fans, Mugs, and Specialty Cards, all of which were designed and created by Luella, for T-Ella Creations.  Colorful Sports Caps and Custom Frames are also offered with this collection.  Luella designs and creates poetry that demonstrates a commitment to education, history, spirituality, the arts and ideas.  The poems 'Free America' and 'Now Is the Time' were dedicated to President Barack and First Lady, Michelle Obama, Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of the State of Michigan, and Admin. & Pastor, Rev. Rudolph Thomas, her father. 

In addition, she has published her first book titled 'Flirting With The Truth'  a collection of hair-raising short stories and heart-felt poems that tell the truth about her past struggles, challenges, and triumphs.  Many have said that her book is “inspiring, motivating, entertaining, and is simply a pleasure to read."  


T-Ella Creations is planning to launch a collections of Speciality Cards for all occasions coming soon!   




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